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5 Interesting Facts About Pakistan

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Pakistan is a Beautiful Country in south Asia and ranks six most populous Countries. Pakistan has a Interesting History and Geography and today I am going to tell you some Interesting Facts About Pakistan. You can say that Pakistan is a Gift of God because it contains Deserts, Mountains, Sea and Much more. Pakistan came into being on 14, August 1947. Pakistan has great heritage of its culture and also a land of great poets and Artists. You will fall in Love with Pakistan if you got a chance to visit some beautiful Places of Pakistan like its valleys, Museums and their is too much about Pakistan which may I can’t Explain in few Sentences. So lets Explore some Interesting facts about Pakistan and their People.

What Does The Word ” Pakistan ” Mean

Mainly the word ” Pakistan ” have meaning ” The Land of Pure ” According to Persian and Urdu Language. In Persian Language the word ” Pak ” mean ” pure ” and the suffix ” stan ” mean ” Place of ” . And collectively they mean the land of pure. Which is pure from evils.

The Country of one of the world’s oldest Civiliazation

When we research about one of the oldest civilization of the world then the ” Indus river Civilization ” will be in included in the list of some of the top. Moenjo Daro, Harappa , Taxila, Kot Dhiji, Takht Bhai, Juniper Cave are major archaeological sites in Pakistan.

World Largest Canal Based Irrigation System

Pakistan has the largest Canal based irrigation system in

the world because of the lack of electricity in different areas of Pakistan. Most of the people use canal system to watered their fields.

First Muslim Nuclear Power Country

Pakistan is a First Muslim Country having Nuclear Power. And it is only become possible only becuase of great scientist like Doctor Abdul Qadeer. He is a great patriot. Actually it is very important for Pakistan to become a Nuclear Power and the Reason behind it is very simple which is its neighbour India. Actually Both India and Pakistan are in bad relation from the day of Independence. India which have faught three wars with Pakistan before becoming a nuclear power then how it can be possible for that India will not fight again with Pakistan. By becoming a nuclear power Pakistan not only saved it boundaries but also won a great rank among all the countries.

National Anthem Of Pakistan

The Tune of National Anthem of Pakistan is one of the top National Anthem Tune of the world. This Tune is designed by Ahmad G. Chagla and the lyrics of National Anthem is written by Hafeez Jalandhari.

2nd Largest Salt Mine

Pakistan has the world second largest salt mine. After Canada which have the world largest underground salt mine Pakistan has the next one. And specifically the pink salt which is very valuable also found in Pakistan. Pakistan can earn a huge income if it pay attention to all opportunity by this valuable gift of the world.

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