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BLogger VS Wordpress For Making money online,, online earning


If you are a web developer then you might listen about WordPress and Blogger. These both CMS ( Content Management System ) are used for web development. Today we are going to compare this both platform Bloggers VS WordPress For Making Money and we will find which one is the best one.

blogger vs wordpress


Blogger is a blog publishing platform. it allows multi-user blogs with timestamped and entries. This platform is totally free and anyone can go and register on it to create website on blogger.It is developed in Pyra Labs which was bought by Google in 2003. There are many advantages of using Blogger but it also lack some features. And we will discuss all these important points in this post. So Be with us..

Free Platform :

One of the best things about Blogger is that it is completely free. Any one can go and register on this site for free. He or She can also create its website ( Blog ) for free. It means you can get a free domain with extension and free unlimited hosting. There is no any limit of Storage and Bandwidth for your blog. You can enjoy all these services for free even though it provides many free themes but if you wanted to give your website a professional look then you can also customize your website theme on you own or by hiring an expert.

User Friendly :

Blogger is a user friendly platform and you can easily you it. Even a person who have no knowledge about programming and web development can also create its own website on this platform very easily. It have a drag and drop environment from where you can easily customize your website. You can easily customize your website. A new Person may take only a few hours to completely understand and explore all its features. It is very interesting and enjoyable.

Monetization :

You can also monetized you Blogger website using Google Adsense. There is a special portion in Blogger for adsense. It will tell you that you website is now ready for adsense or not and if your website is ready for Blogger then you can apply for Google Adsense and within a few hours to weeks you get the response of your approval request from google. There are also many different ways to monetize your website and you can check them here.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Now if you wanted to make your website searchable or discoverable on google or on different other search engines so you can do it. But is bit difficult in Blogger because it does not provide any special options for make you SEO better. 

Adsense Approval on Bloggers :

Getting adsense approval is now getting difficult because every day thousands of millions of publisher apply for adsense. If you wanted to get adsense approval fast on Blogger then I will recommend you to use paid or top-level domain having .com extension. And if you are using free domain then it would be very difficult for you to get adsense approval.

Fast Speed :

There is one thing which is also very good about Blogger is its speed. Blogger has a great speed and its load your pages quickly. And the reason behind its speed is it hi-tech Technology servers. 


Now we are going to talk about WordPress and one interesting thing about wordpress is that about 30% of the total number of websites in the world are using WordPress CMS. At present almost 30 Million websites or using WordPress. Now we are going to discuss the features of wordpress and at the end you are able to decide which CMS is best.

Hosting & Domain :

So if you wanted to work on WordPress then you must have to purchase a Domain or Hosting Services to start your website. You can also find it for free from different websites but if you wanted to earn then free hosting and domain is not recommended. You have to purchase these services for better results and we will further discuss its advantages here.


User Friendly Interface :

We can say that wordpress provide the developer a user friendly interface when we compared it with adsense then adsense won this race. Actually WordPress have too many amazing features which make bit difficult for a newbie to understand wordpress. Suppose that you join any shop as a shopkeeper and the shop is stuffed with too many products then it would be difficult for you to find a specific item.

Monetization :

On wordpress you have a variety of opportunities to monetize your website. There are many different ways to Monetize your website including Google Adsense. You can also see 6 Best Ways to monetize your website by clicking here. Getting your website monetized is very easy on wordpress.

Speed :

Now as i has asked you for purchasing a paid hosting service, Speed of any website depends on the hosting servers of the website. If you are using your own servers then it would be nice. But if you are purchasing these services then purchase it carefully by considering all its features and specifications. If you are using free hosting services then your website speed may not be too good. And speed is very important for any website to become successful. We will also discuss the importance of speed in seo portion.

Also Check : How to Choose a Best Domain Name

SEO ( Search Engine Friendly )

On WordPress you can better perform SEO but you have to work for it. Ranking your WordPress website is very easy then Blogger. WordPress facilitate you with different plugins to make your seo Better. And one thing that I have recently asked that Google like speed and the speed of your website is very important if you wanted to rank you website on google. At now My website is few days old and my website is now discoverable on Google, Bing , Yandex and on other search engines. So you just have to consider different SEO factors to get better result. And you can not ignore SEO Becuase if people are not able to search your website or blog then how can you become successful.

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Plugins & Themes :

You can get thousands of free plugins and themes in WordPress to make your website smart and cool. You can add many cool plugins even to help your website for SEO and for writing post or creating different pages. It will add many extra functionality on your website by using which you can get a good response in result.

Adsense Approval For WordPress :

As I have told you that if you have a paid domain on Blogger then you can get you adsense approval quickly but if you have paid domain on WordPress it may take a few hours or days more than Blogger. But still it is not too Bad.


At the end according to me WordPress is better then Blogger becuase There are many limitations in Blogger and lack of many different features while on the other hand  WordPress has a vast range of different features which will help you to build a great website but if you have a lack of budget or resources then you can create a free website on Blogger.

And if want to start your new website you can contact us and will build a Great website with team of qualified developers and our SEO.

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