VMOS : Virtual Machine Operating System

VMOS make you able to test and run different Android applications. Actually this is one of the best way to test your applications for your projects related to Android devices by using this virtual Android machine the main purpose of using this virtual machine instead of the original device is dead if it has I mean if your project have any bad effect then and hopefully your main system will be safe or if it have any bad effect then only the virtual machine will be affected. it is one of the standard way of testing Android apps and running virtual operating system for a long time. I hope you use VMware Workstation for creating a virtual environment in your PC it is just the same is the virtualbox or VMware Workstation of PC you are able to try different experiment on this virtual machine and it would not affect your Android device.

Useful Features of VMOS

let’s talk about the features of VMOS. Following are some of the most important and best features of VMOS :

Virtual Phone Environment :

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you can use VMOS  to create a full virtual environment which looks same like the Android with a working Google Play services and network connectivity.  This virtual machine will have the same features just like a real Android devices which have all Google Play services and touch control just like you would use on your primary Android system.  This  virtual  machine will run Android 5.1.1 and appears just like the real one with the real features you can also use your Google account to use this Google services and you are able to sign in or download different applications games from Google Play Store

Root Support :

 I think one of the best and most interesting feature of this VMOS is that you can root you are this virtual machine.  And by rooting your Android device you can get full access to your Android phone and by rooting your Android device you can get full access to your Android System.  You know that rooting your real Android system I’m in primary system will have a bad effect on your Android device and its performance so if you wanted to to test something by rooting your Android was that it is the best option for you to root.

root andriod, root virtual machine

Multiple Accounts & Apps :

Separate if you want to manager multiple accounts at a same time to find an installed VM scandry Android system to manager multiple accounts at same time I mean if you wanted to manage you are multiple google accounts for example we are taking just an example you can do more than this so. If you wanted to manure multiple Google account you can install this VM OS operating system in Android device.  After installing it you have two operating system one is country and the other is primary which is the real one sofa and you can use two different operating system at the same time and you will use your different accounts in both of you can also use your sem accounts in both devices one virtual and other one is primary twice so far in this way you can manage multiple accounts by using this simple and smart application.

Easy Switching :

VMOS  ( Virtual Machine Operating System ) is very user Friendly. Switching between both primary and secondary operating system is very easy. It is just like the same as you switch from one application to other application. You can easily minimize or control this virtual android system. You can use both android system primary or virtual at a same time.

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