Four Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home

how to earn money online

If you really want to earn money online so  today I am going to share for mind-blowing ways of making money online and all these methods are long-term money generating methods and you can earn money legally with hundred percent results if you follow these methods.

 actually making money online is not too difficult as many of the people make it.  but there are so many scams online Marketplace which asked you to offer some money for your your services but at the end when it’s time to get the fruit of your earning then some bullshit websites block you..

But the methods which today I am going to your is not like this websites. I am going to share four famous ways of making money online.

How to make money online

Earn Through Youtube

At now earning from YouTube is is becoming a common profession.  lots of people have their own channel on YouTube and they make money through their YouTube channel by using different ways.  they published the content and monetize them through YouTube to make money some also get sponsors from different companies to promote their product on YouTube.  you can also promote your business or a website through YouTube. YouTube is getting popular day by day and the competition on YouTube is increasing.  to earn from YouTube you must have a YouTube channel.

 creating channel and publishing your content on YouTube is very easy e but there are some requirements to monetize your channel from YouTube.  search as you must have a 4000 watch time on your YouTube channel. and you also need 1000 subscribers to monetize your content.

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 actually there is a question that how much can we earn through YouTube on 1000 views actually it’s answer is very simple and it’s totally depend upon the area on which the content is is watched mostly.  but the approximate average earning of a youtuber is about 3 to 5 dollars per 1000 views. but by using this method you have to work hard and you have to wait for the completion of the requirements of YouTube to monetize your channel. but if once you are successful in monetizing your YouTube channel then you can make money through Youtube by various   Ways. 

  1. By affiliate marketing
  2.  getting sponsorships
  3.  promoting different products
  4.  promoting your own business
  5.  reviews on different products


 actually freelancing is one of the most popular way of making money online and it is also one of the fastest one but for this you must have a skill which you can offer on different freelancing marketplaces. And if you have a skill which is is demanded in the online Marketplace then you can and  daily or monthly. If you take average every example of a freelancer then a simple freelancer can make up to Few hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. there are following different freelancing marketplaces from which you can earn by offering your services.

  1. Freelancers
  2. Fiverr
  3. Peopleperhour.. etc

How To Earn Through Blogging

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 and if you have a good writing skills then you can also earn through blogging.  you can create your blog or websites on which you publish your content or articles and  by monetizing them You can earn a a huge income. if you don’t know anything about web development,  then you don’t have to worry about it because there are many different platforms which offer you create websites on these platforms which make it easy for you to create a attractive website without having any coding skill so it is also the one of the best way to make money online from home. 

you can create your free website on blogger or you can also create a beautiful free website on wordpress with many other different features and plugins.  you can do blogging with a free website or a paid domain or hosting. but if you wanted to earn then and you have to purchase domain or hosting for your website because free services will make difficult to monetize your web search by Google AdSense. 

Earn By Creating Your App

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If you are able to create your own application then the best way to make money is Creating your own application and publishing it to play store.It is one of the best way to make money online. you can use different ad network to monetize your application and by using this you can earn a lot. And if take a worst example of this case that suppose you have about 500 active users of your app so then only from these users you can make up-to 20$ a day.

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