The 10 best new laptop games

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 Doom Eternal Doom Eternal is one of the best new laptop games to hit the streets in Q1 2020. The over two-decade-old first-person series has tested yet again that it’ll ne’er fade into connectedness, not with its latest installment already obtaining the most effective gap week sales within the series ever. Simply put, Doom Eternal … Read more

How to Earn Money Online in India

how to earn money online

How to Earn Money Online in India Earning Money Online in India is very crucial and important, from every point of perspective. And earning money online is not tough but it is not easy though. If you want to make money online then the most important thing you must have is PATIENCE. I know it’s … Read more

How to start an online Fashion market( online fashion store)

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Where to start an online fashion store: 1: Know who you are, state your target customer, the retailers that will sell your product, your break-even point, and how you will do your sales. 2:  Operational plan. how will you develop the line? find factories? go into production? 3: Marketing of the brand. Why should anyone … Read more

Free Download Newspaper X Theme For WordPress

Newspaper X Theme Free Download

Download Newspaper X Premium Theme free download for wordpress … Newspaper 10.3 GPL Free Download Latest Version .. Free Download Latest GPL Themes

Java Vs Python(A complete comparison)

java vs python

Introduction: In the early years of computing, the choice of the first language for a program was often decided by the work environment. Typically information technology divisions with the specialized needs assembly language for a specific hardware system were the usual situation. Nowadays java and python have become more popular. In this article, there is … Read more

What is a network support job?

network support job

The role of a network support engineer As a network support engineer, you are responsible for maintaining systems that allow you to manage internal and external communications for your organization. Depending on the level of responsibility, the service may include updating the company’s communications infrastructure or installing new systems. Actual projects will vary depending on … Read more

Best Torrent Sites in 2020


Domain Name: A domain name is your site(website) or a blog name. It is the address or URL by which users can get access to your website. A domain name is used for ruling cloud computers on the servers.  You can purchase a domain name from the providers which are registered from the ICANN Organization. Their provider’s names are given below: … Read more

Bloggers VS WordPress For Making Money

BLogger VS Wordpress For Making money online,, online earning

BLOGGERS VS WORDPRESS If you are a web developer then you might listen about WordPress and Blogger. These both CMS ( Content Management System ) are used for web development. Today we are going to compare this both platform Bloggers VS WordPress For Making Money and we will find which one is the best one. … Read more