How to Earn Money Online in India

how to earn money online

How to Earn Money Online in India

Earning Money Online in India is very crucial and important, from every point of perspective. And earning money online is not tough but it is not easy though. If you want to make money online then the most important thing you must have is PATIENCE.

I know it’s new for us Indian to expect money earning from an online resource. But it is the latest and people are earning a lot of money from it.

We are surrounded with an online world, and most of us don’t even know how it is running, how search engines are working and how people working offline in the online companies are earning?

A lot of questions occur in our tiny minds when we hear the phrase earning money online.

Anyone can earn money online if you have a smartphone and a laptop and you know how to operate them in the right direction. Earning money online is easy from making money offline, at least I feel this. And also you don’t have to put a lot of investment in it.

Moreover you can reach out to millions of people. 

If you want to earn money online you must have a passion to learn a new skill like SEO, Content Creation, designing, video editing, copywriting and any such skill that can be sold out on the internet.

You can also start your own blog if you want to earn money online. It will take you six to eight months to make money from it, totally depends on how smarter you work for it.

There are several benefits of making money online and setting up a business method online.

  • No boundation of international borders, you can reach out to customers of any country.

  • Very less investment as compared with the offline business.

  • A lot of people came in contact with you.

  • Your social profile becomes stronger.

  • You can earn a passive income, meaning you will be earning money when you are sleeping.

There are many other ways to Earn money online in India. 

Ways to Earn Money Online in India:​

Earn Money From Youtube

YouTube is an online platform and yes YouTubers make a lot of money. They will not tell you about it, but they do earn a lot.


Two types of video grab a lot of attention. First those who have funny and entertaining videos and the second who have helpful videos in a particular niche. 

If you know about your audience and you are providing very valuable and unique content to them then making money through youtube is not at all difficult. You can take reference from several YouTube videos.

Start your own Blog and Make Money Blogging:

The best way and the most proven way to earn money online. Blogging is a complete industry that provides content to search engines to show in their search results. 

You can earn more than you think in Blogging. Most of the people are leaving their jobs and converting blogging as their full time career. It will give fame and money both hand in hand.


It is not impossible to make money from blogging in 6 to 8 months, but it is not easy either. It all depends on how smartly you work. You can choose from a variety of niches and target your audience.  

Become a Freelancer:

Freelancing is also one of the best options to make money online. If you have some skills like designing, writing, creating and managing, you can become a freelancer very easily. 

You can join any of the freelancing sites and start working on the projects they provide and start earning money online. 


Some freelancing sites also ask you for a certain certification in the field, if you have it that you will be more authoritative than others in the project.

Buying and Selling Domains:

You purchase a domain at low prices, and sell it out at higher prices. This way you can earn a very good amount of money.

But this source of income requires very much patience and a lot of thinking skills. Because you have to invest in domains that are with very popular keywords or with very popular names.


People are earning a very good amount of money with this method.

Make Money Online through Facebook, Instagram:​

Did you know people with followers on Facebook and Instagram are charging upto 20,000 rs for just one post. I know it is shocking. But it is true.

Even sometimes we have to spend a lot of money to drive the audience to our blog. It’s just like you are advertising your blog on someone else’s social media campaign.


You have just to create a social media page and provide content on it, grab an audience of several people. And sponsors will automatically come to you for advertisements.

Make Money through Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing or the third generation of salesmen is the most trendy way to earn money online. People are dying to become an affiliate marketer of particular companies.

It is not necessary to have a blog for affiliate marketing; you can also share the products on social media and also via emails. Learn about Email Marketing and its Benefits.


Affiliate marketing is nothing but, selling out someone else’s products to the customers and earning commission on the sales. Today a lot of people are connected with this industry and this method of making money is increasing its arms day by day.

Open a digital Store:

You have heard of a lot of online shopping stores other than amazon and flipkart. You can create your online store too. Shopify, Woo-commerce and other sites are there in the market to create your online store. These websites will provide you the product and will deliver the product with all the headache of return and refund policies. 

You just have to create a customized online store on it, add the products on your store, add commission on them and you are done.

Now just share the products on your social media networks and sell them out. As soon as you sell the product you will get your money after a particular blocking period.


There is no coding and nothing technical to create a store on these sites just you have to click some buttons and earn money.

Share your Knowledge Online:

A lot of teachers these days are teaching students online. Several apps are created for doing so. Such as Udemy, Unacademy and many more. If you want to earn money online as a teacher then you have to create your account on these apps, upload some videos and audio visuals of your notes and teaching methods and you are done. 


The basic payment is of 25000 rs per month. It is the fastest way to earn money online in India right now.

Provide any service Online:

If you are running a salon shop in the real world on any other service, then you  can register it to sites like UrbanClap and start getting orders from there. This will create your online footprint and your business will boost up and reach out to several other people.

You can also sell other services like cleaning, organizing, decor, building, teaching, grooming, cooking.


If you are a doctor then also you can register on several sites and manage appointments from there.

Conclusion :

Earning Money is not your cup of tea if you can’t wait.

“Good things come to those who wait”.

The catch is there is no limitation in the online industry, you just have to think of a unique idea of providing your content or product or services.

Every online field needs an audience, you have to collect your audience day by day. I have personal advice for you. If you are starting anything on the above mentioned platforms, then you must think for your content and audience. Because if you fail to drive the audience to your business then no one is there to reach out to automatically.

Also learn about SEO in your particular field to drive some traffic organically and to run a successful passive online business.

And always remember that social media plays a very vital role in spreading something out. Must share your products or blog posts on social media, it will engage people more and more.


If you have any query related to earning money online then you can pitch them down in the comment section.

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