How To Earn Through Blogging ? Create A Free Website


At Present time every one wanted to make some good income From internet. So if you are also wanted to earn some extra by creating your own website or blog so you can do it easily. And we will help you to do this. So Keep Reading this helpful article and follow the steps to create you own website. And one thing that I wanted to make you sure in the start of my post is that there are a lot of ways to make money through Blogging or Website so we will also teach you that how can you monetize your blog. So lets start.

Choosing a Good Domain and Hosting

If you are serious to work then I recommend you to select the domain name which is similar to you niche to some extent. For example if you are working on a niche like

So Friends First of all you have to choose a domain for your website. So if you wanted to do this all totally free so you can also monetize you website for free by getting a free domain with hosting through Bloggers Platform but it is not recommended. Because this free domain take too long for approval so we recommend you to purchase a domain from different websites such as etc.. It will only cost you about 0.5 $ to 15$ for Year. After purchasing your domain you have to now host it. Now the good thing is that you can host it through Blogger.

Different Ways to Monetize Your Website

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  • Advertising & Sponsorship
  • Freelancing
  • Paid reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Books And Products
  • Creating Online Course

Advertising & Sponsorship

You can earn though advertising

your website. There are many websites which help you to advertise your website and they pay you for this. Google Adsense is on the top of the list if you wanted to advertise your website. There are also many alternatives of Google Adsense but if you wanted to earn a good income so this is the best option. There are also some requirements of Google Adsense to monetize your website so you can get it on google adsense policies page.

Now If you are getting good traffic then you may able to get some sponsorship by different brands and company to promote their products just by writing articles on it. So this one of the most valuable.

How a Blogger Earn Through Freelancer

This Also possible. If you are a freelancer and you know how to write article then you can create a website and you can post some sample posts their which you can show to your clients on different freelancing platforms. So this one of the best solution for freelancer to get their self hired fast.

How to earn through Affiliate Marketing

So Friends Their many ways to monetize your website. A simple idea will help you to earn some extra. You can earn through affiliate marketing. Here you write articles about different products and services and when a visitor wanted to purchase the product or specific service then you will get some commission on each successful sale. This is one of the most profitable way of monetizing your website and it is getting popular day by day.

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