How to start an online Fashion market( online fashion store)

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Where to start an online fashion store:

1: Know who you are, state your target customer, the retailers that will sell your product, your break-even point, and how you will do your sales.

2:  Operational plan. how will you develop the line? find factories? go into production?

3: Marketing of the brand. Why should anyone buy your line?

What you will need to decide:

1: Who is your target market?

2: What are your price points?

3: Who will you “hang with”?

4: What retailers fit your online Fashion market? 

5: What is your niche?


How to improve your product development:

1: Research on sale and fashion trends

2: Planning of line concept

3: Development of collection

4: Order sample fabrics

5: Sales projections

6: Technical design

7: Patterns

8: First samples

9: Costing

10: Exposure and grade patterns

11: Cutting tickets projected

12: Orders entered and reviewed for credit 

13: Fabrics ordered and production

14: Quality control check and distribution

Production cheat sheet:

1: Limit the number of types of fabric you use.

2: Don’t be afraid of minimums.

3: If you are buying from Overseas ask for the landed price.

4: Factories are very specific and use them for what they are known for.

Finding of the factory:

1: Use a referral service.

2: Look up the registration numbers on a  garment.

3: Contact trade commissions.

4: Ask fabric suppliers.

5: Visit fashion trends shows.


Online fashion store basis(Things to know)

1: Retail markup

2: Net profit and gross profit

3: Sales to stock ratio

4: Sales per square foot

5: Turn over

6: Margin

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Basic costing for online Fashion markets:

Formula to calculate basic costing for online markets is:

Cost of fabrics +  trims + production +  Web Services = cost

Administrative cost:

The formula for calculating administrative cost is:

 cost of sales +  samples + margin for chargebacks +  distribution cost + promoting on online platforms cost =  administrative cost

How to set a base price?

1: know the retail price.

2: know the retail mark-up.

3: know the production cost price.

4: know the wholesale price.

Critical, legal and accounting issues:

1: Incorporation

2: Partners and investors

3: Commercial leases

4: Manufacturing license 

Financing your line:

1: beg and borrow

2: sell everything you own

3: Perfect personal credit

4: Look for grant money

5: Use a factor

6: Sell equity in the company

7: Have private clients


Money men don’t care about your portfolio:

1: How much you need

2: How you plan on using it

3: How long you need it.

4: What’s in it for them.

Promoting on online platforms:

You should promote your online Fashion market website or app on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most importantly YouTube. Promoting your online fashion store on these online platforms will reward you much more. 

It will help you to expand your business and to flourish as well. For this purpose, you have to put your ad on these online platforms. Moreover, you can also use Google for promoting your website.

Social agenda of  fashion trends:

In fact, clothing and fashion Carriers have a wide range of ideological meanings. The lifestyle choices change from one period to another period. In other words, they suggest the pattern and manner of dressing befitting on the occasion that sets forth a standard. These clothing standards are  in fact derived from the prevailing social values and their emotional expectations.


The trend of the day is a self-expressive anonymous style that trends to remove social prejudices about fashion in society. Further today’s anonymous style Trends opens up the societal expressions unheard and unseen ever before just evocative of the spirit of our moments that do not bother whether the content is worth artistic and meaningful which would give a hint or two about the individual’s real existence and real needs.

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