Is GTA 6 released ?

gTA 6

Guys last day the rock company which releases different versions of GTA give a good news to its uses and audience that he work ok on a new game which releases in a very few days .

First news which comes about GTA new version is from Kotaku. The journalist of Kotaku “ Jason Schreier”,Takes interview of more than 50 Rockstar game developers.If you didn’t know about Jason  Schreier then I have to told you that it is a a most famous and cross trust able journalist of games .

 At the start of 2020,  Jason Schreier predict that in this year the rockstar  releases a new game Which is GTA 6. his most of the predictions are always true.


But it is not the to confirm that what’s the name of  new game which is released , that its name is is GTA 6 or GTA something else like San Andreas or something else,.But the bad thing is that the development of of new game is still in the early stages


So this evidence it is clear that the new version of the GTA is impossible release in this year (2020).it is release  after 2020 . and if they I want to to release GTA 6 in 2020 then it is also informed that a lot of pressure can be took the developers.  Now already all the workers done his job in their homes due to covid-19 and lockdown. So by this, there is also a lot of delays due to to this kind of situation and when the employees  Rejoin the company Then it is also possible that a current culture should be made to decrease the stress of work I already have told you about that what is crunch culture. And the rockstar game government company a lot of burden being created on there developers He wants to remove the Crunch culture .

So that they think they have to release the GTA 6 after 2020


Because the GTA V is a stand alone game which is released in a single time But GTA 6 is not release a single time But also known that GTA 6 is no a big game like ok GTA 5 but in GTA 6 it has also a lot of more features  for example if we want to download the GTA V then it’s setup is about 62 To 80 GB then think about now what’s the size of GTA 6 So that they didn’t have to release the GTA 6 in a single milestone They have to leave the GTA 6 in separate parts Because if the  user finish his one part then the rockstar game company also completed his next part .In this way they have to release the GTA 6 in 3 to 4 milestones. It is also a good thing because in number of games it happened If they have to release the game in a single milestone then a lot of works remain in the game which is not a good think so that they think to divide the game in different parts As  Rockstar is a big company so he has to release his game in a complete way by fixing all the bugs .




All of you know about the current situation that all the countries in the world are now in the limits of covid-19 everyone is struggle you came out from the  rid of problems. so to think that the release of GTA 6 in some days is impossible because by the virus covid-19 all the countries have stopped development because everyone is trying to fight with covid-19 It is also possible that the rockstar company didn’t have to release the announcement of GTA 6 in 2020 .

But I  sure you show that all the information provided to you is correct that  the announcement of GTA 6 is coming soon but the bad thing is that it takes time to complete Because no at that time Rockstar is just working on the development of  GTA 6

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