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welcome to PcMac in today’s article we
are going to talk about VPN add-on’s in

Chrome web browser so I’m going to show
you unlimited free for lifetime add-ons

that you can put on your Chrome and use
it to access the internet anonymously

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let’s do it first of all let’s go ahead

and open the google chrome and let’s
click on these three dots that is on the

top right corner go to more tools and
then extensions once you go into the

extension go to the top left corner
click here and then go to open Chrome

Web Store
so today the add-ons which I am showing

you are totally free you don’t need to
pay anything for them let me just show

you if we search for VPN you will see
lots and lots of options let’s just go

with the first one now as you can see
thank you for choosing our product you

are amazing so this is installed and let
me just click on it

and when I click on it and you can see
there are premium service available and

some free servers that are right here so
these all are the free server but it

will not provide you the full axis of
the VPN it will ask for the money after

some time and ask you to join the
premium web services so we will remove

this atom and the add-on which I’m
talking about is the free one and it’s

right here the first add-on is right
here free VPN so let’s go ahead and add

it to the your Chrome

once it’s added you can just click on it
and it will give you all the options and

these all servers are free there is no
premium option available so this is for

all and that is absolutely free they
just tried to connect to one server

let’s connect to Afghanistan and turn on
our VPN so I can show you my location

now so let’s look for what’s my location
and when I do that you can see it’s

right here in Kabul so let’s go ahead
and turn off this VPN now I’ll take you

to a second VPN again we need to go here
and open the web store and look for free

VPN this one is really fast but it have
limited servers so we need to click here

on the top more extensions and the
server is right here VPN free dot pro

let’s connect let’s install this VPN as
well now it’s connected and our primary

server is off so let’s go and check with
this one and this is also really easy

you just need to select the country that
says select France and click anywhere on

the screen and then do the same thing
what’s my location hit the enter lets

check in this website and you can see
the countries France right now we are in

let’s just check one more time let’s
select the second server Germany refresh

and you can see we are in Germany so
this is like really fast you can use it

to browse your internet through the VPN
over the Google Chrome if you have any

problems let me know I’ll try to help
you and if you like this small Article

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it from my end how I take care of a nice

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