What are SEO keyword and their Importance in 2020

SEO keyword Research

SEO keywords range from single words to complex phrases and are used to inform website content to increase relevant, organic search traffic.

Your audience uses them when searching something related to your brand.

When effectively researched and optimized, keywords act as a conduit to connect your target audience with your website.

We can say that these are the words that user type to reach to your website. Now choosing a best keyword for your website, content or service is very important to get traffic on search engines. If your content is focused on SEO Friendly keyword, then your chances to rank on google increases. And ranking your website on search engines is important because this is a good way to get millions of traffic directly from google.

Types of SEO keywords

Now first of all we will discuss about types of keywords. There almost 9 types of keywords, but here we will only focus on two main types of keywords. And I will tell why they are important for your website.

Short-tail Keywords:

Short tail keywords are normally consisting of three or less words. These keywords are used when you are targeting a broad traffic with different niche. These keywords can increase your traffic and bring millions of traffic to your website. But there is a great competition on these keywords. And it would be difficult for you to rank on top on search engines uses these keywords. But some keywords don’t have a tough competition so you can rank on them easily. There are also some disadvantages of short tail keywords. It can bring a lot of traffic to your website who may searching for something else. Let’s take an example: If someone is searching “SEO Backlinks” and you article which is focuses on “SEO” keyword and in your article you are telling people about “Importance of Keywords for good SEO” then the visitor may found some irrelevant information on your website. And this only happen because your keyword does not explain your topic completely. But it is good for branding.

Long-tail keywords:

This type of keywords normally consists of more than three words. These keywords focus on the targeted traffic. And in 90% cases these keywords are normally less competitive as respect o long tail seo keywords. This type of keywords is best if you are to get targeted traffic. Because putting shor-tail keywords which may not fully describe your topic may create a bad user experience. For example, a user searching “Mobile phone prices in Pakistan” than if your article is based on this keyword then user will get the accurate result, and in this way you can create a lead. So before using keywords in your content you must have to research it on different tools available in the market. These tools will help you to analyze the search volume and competition of your keywords. They will also help you to find a best keyword.


Why keyword research is important:

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Importance of SEO keyword Rsearch

Keyword research is one of the three most important factors of search engine optimization including keyword research, Link Building, and content marketing. The difference between a website that gets tons of organic searches and one that gets none is in the keywords that you use.

By utilizing efficient key phrase analysis instruments you can decide a well-liked (worthwhile area of interest), discover associated markets, rank properly in engines like google for particular matters to drive site visitors to your web site and promote your merchandise and/or companies by enhancing your advertising and marketing effectiveness.

By discovering out what persons are looking for you set your self in a robust place to assist them obtain their objectives in addition to yours. 

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How to research Keywords for Good SEO

As I have already told you that keyword research is very important to rank on search engines. So there are some tools which have made your work easier. There are many different tools which provide you deep metrics, which will help you to rank on top in google.

These tools are mostly paid but there are still some tools available in market which you can use for free. But if you want some profitable result then I will recommend you to use Paid tools. Soo I will post an article on best SEO tools for keyword research, Link building and many other features.

You can use these tools to find your competitors. You can analyze them and check what are the actually keywords which your competitors are actually using to rank on search engine. You can find and analyze keywords to rank on search engines and beat your competitors.

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