The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 | Batman Preview Breakdown

Name’s Allen Barry Allen. this is a party for criminals it’s my stories. up to something fighting zone okay what do we do your battles a good show you know and all the hub of saving your keisters never got to ask what the hell you were doing down there a 1940’s no one says keisters. Nash if you would just tell us what you’re looking for down there we might be able to help you all right tomorrow morning at o’clock tunnels bringing all fancy team why should we do that because I know how to save Barry Allen you must be the monitor. how do you know because no human would actually wear something so ridiculous you ate for the world he lost and I possessed the power to restore you can bring back where’s the recovery of your universe will require a single task. what kind of task you must betray Oliver Queen welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my article for the flash season 6 episode 6 trailer crisis on Infinite Earths scenes from arrow and flash this week and the new Batman news for Robert Pattinson zhh Batman they just confirmed a couple big characters so we’ll break it all down there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs in this too in teasers for crisis on Infinite Earths we’re still doing that flash ring giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your best theory about crisis on Infinite Earths on the article I’ll start with a trailer in the footage then I’ll talk about the Batman stuff so just careful for spoilers for the flash and arrow this week if you have not seen those episodes as you can see they’re doing a James Bond style episode they even have James Bond music playing under it with elongated man teaming up with the flash which means that they’ll probably tease more of the suit did nice storyline any time one of the other side characters gets paired up with the flash for the main storyline they always get to push way deeper on whatever their arc is for the season and for him it’s just the suit didney arc and as you can see they’re bringing back the ultraviolet villain from episode 2 so there might be some more Easter eggs for a black hole from the flash rebirth comics but we start with Nash wells saying that he has a plan to save Barry Allen so the whole idea is that he seems the kind of a dirtbag at first but they’re slowly winning him over to the team he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the council of Wells but he wants that sweet sweet eternium honey that apparently the monitor is either hoarding or has access to because why else would he be trying to follow the monitor

because Joe mentions the monitor knee says you know Mar novo and he gets ready to give him this big explainer before elongated man comes and stops him so it sounds like he might try to steal some eternium from the monitor and there also might be something in his special secret stash that can help them save Barry the whole thing with eternium from the comic books is that it’s actually shards from the rock of eternity which is a huge Suzanne in Black Adam Easter Egg I don’t know how much they’re going to get into that during the crossover so maybe just some small Easter eggs for the Shazam characters because I don’t expect to see the rock or Zachary Levi pop up in the crossover the whole thing with the arrow scenes is that Oliver is actually trying to build a weapon to destroy the monitor if he turns on them as the prophecy he got last week foretold there was a book that belonged to the League of Assassins thousands of years ago the monitor visited someone from the League of Assassins and they recorded in his journal that he thought that he might be responsible for the coming calamity quote-unquote crisis on Infinite Earths so Oliver is operating on the assumption that the monitor might double-cross them at some point he doesn’t know anything about the anti-monitor yet they haven’t give him that explainer yet so without any context Oliver pushes forward giving mr. terrific a sample to analyze a fabric that had been grazed by the antimatter wave that destroyed earth to a couple weeks ago remember the whole reason that Oliver was there was to steal Dorf star particles for something that the monitor was building and it might be the cosmic towers that appear during crisis on Infinite Earths he might be building a version of that but you also have to consider that that prophecy might become self-fulfilling and if Oliver’s actions he takes to avoid the monitor going crazy on them actually lead to the monitor going crazy on them then you had that big twist seen with Black Canary being visited by someone who looks like the monitor saying that she could get earth to back it’s in my power all you have to do is betray Oliver Queen he even looks like he kind of has a smirk on his face while he’s telling her that like he enjoys the idea that she might betray Oliver which does not characteristically seem like the Marno vu monitor that we’ve seen the last couple of years so either the monitor is lying to everyone about preventing crisis on Infinite Earths and he is double-crossing them or this is not the monitor Marno vu and it’s really the anti-monitor masquerading as him or at some other rogue monitor that might wind up becoming the anti-monitor if you’ve never read comic book crisis on Infinite Earths these monitors are a race of beings that all look like this they all have the weird chops and the jowls they have the weird haircuts but they do have subtle differences in their faces and hairstyles the TV show might just be changing that in order to mislead us so that you think that this is the monitor but surprise twist it winds up being someone else remember Martian Manhunter ‘s brother is kind of evil and he’s a shape-shifter so there is an evil shapeshifter that could be working with the anti-monitor to mislead the heroes also fun fact during crisis on Infinite Earths the actor who’s playing the monitor this person here is also playing the anti-monitor when he goes full comic book anti-monitor looking like the mobius from the comics from the antimatter universe he just posted this behind-the-scenes picture a little while ago now that doesn’t confirm that this is the anti-monitor but in the comics harbinger who’s played by Lila on the TV show gets mind-controlled by the anti-monitor and is forced to the monitor so Superman and all the heroes that are left are forced to find a way to fight the anti-monitor by themselves without the monitors help but in the comics the monitor and the anti-monitor are two completely different characters there’s nobody masquerading as the anti-monitor he always looked like this with the crazy face but early theory if this isn’t a shapeshifter may be Oliver’s antimatter weapon gets used on the anti-monitor and instead of him it’s supercharges him and makes his face look like this

But it still doesn’t explain what happens to the monitor because in all these big fight scenes I have not seen the monitor charging the field with them it’s just the heroes versus the anti-monitor so either at some point they wind up him off like they did in the comics or he winds up turning into the anti-monitor which would be a big twist but moving into Batman news so the big news about the Batman movie is that Andy Serkis is being locked down as their new Alfred I was super surprised when I saw this interesting choice not somebody who I would have expected for that role I would have expected him for a role that required more prosthetics like the penguin or something else or one of the villains from his rogues gallery but I do think that he can do a great job with a character because he has done a lot more darker noir movies and television shows and that seems like it’s going to be the tone of the new Batman film the other thing they just announced is probably even bigger they just announced the Colin Farrell is being locked down as their new Oswald Cobblepot penguin which again is not someone I would have ever thought of for that role normally when you think of Colin Farrell you think of it maybe as a Harvey Dent two-face but there’s no mention of what he would look like and if they’d use any prosthetics or motion capture to modify his face to give him more of a comic-book penguin look so of no idea what he’s actually going to look like as that character but currently right now they have Robert Pattinson as the Batman Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon not detective Gordon apparently he’s supposed to be Commissioner Gordon when this story begins in there doing the Batman the Animated Series thing where all of the villains like two-face Riddler penguin are already operating in Gotham City when the story begins they’re not going to start with their origin stories and build them up you’ll already see penguin being full penguin and Riddler being full Riddler when the story begins they just announced zoe kravitz is their Selina Kyle woman and then obviously paul dano as their Edward Nash tune Riddler he just the original version of the comic book Riddler I’ve already done a article about that so I’ll link it at the end of this they’re still looking for their Harvey Dent two-face he will be in the movie and they’ll probably announced that before the end of the year there will be other minor characters they announced after they start shooting they usually don’t cast those minor roles till right before they need them to shoot those scenes but they will confirm all the mains really soon and after that give us the first look at Robert Pattinson snoo Batman costume the costume designer that they got is the one that did the original blade movie he’s done Star Wars in the new Star Trek movies a whole bunch of other stuff so he’s pretty solid he’ll probably make a pretty cool Batman costume and given that it’s more of a detective thriller and wash story I’m expecting the new Batman suit to be way more toned down and less armor looking than the last few versions from say Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Batman and Ben Affleck’s bat suit even though he did have a very cloth looking version of the suit his version of Batman was just way more hulking in giant than the Robert Pattinson version is going to be I would say his new bat suit is going to be even less armor looking than Michael Keaton’s Batman suits I’d be totally cool if they wanted to go with the classic blue and grey but I think that they’ll probably stick with black post all your theories in the comments below what do you think that Robert Pattinson ‘he’s new batman suit is going to look like which version are they going to be mostly inspired by.

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