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hello and welcome to a latest edition of softcreeks tech segment where we bring you everything that happened over this week im mubashir irshad will have given style a much-needed break and as usual im here to cover up for him and of course to keep you up to date with the world of sex beginning with our top story a lot of exciting innovations have taken place at one of the biggest trade shows of the year compute x 2017 from microsoft issue tech companies are leaving no stone unturned to improve the way we deal with our computers take a look at this report to see the best of tech announced at compute x 2017 while a plethora of new laptops and tablets make their way to compute x 2017 this years event happens to be a treat for gamers especially after a source surprised many with the launch of its worlds slimmest gaming laptop the rogue zephyrus this new gaming laptop is not only thinner than all previous rogue laptops but is claimed to have the hardware to rival high-end gaming desktop not only this gaming laptop but the taiwanese tech major also introduced the worst thinnest convertible laptop the device is so light that waste is 1 kg microsoft on the other hand moves beyond pcs to connect this pcs and complete the full circle of this years compute x the company at last years compute x had invited partners like acer asus dell hp and lenovo to join it in building devices that merge physical and virtual realities and at compute x 2017 it shows off new innovation from these partners that bring you the concept of mixed reality which will change the way you experience entertainment and watch videos the company says its mixed reality headsets will be available for everyone later this year another thing from microsoft at compute x that catches attention is a digital assistant speakers called invoked it has been designed by harman kardon and for all those gamers with destructive tendencies this new keyboard from corsair will save all the damage that these excited gamers end up causing to their keyboard in the moment of excitement either by spilling cans of soda or bottles of water this k6eid mechanical gaming keyboard survives dust and spills with an ip 32 rating also each key on the keyboard has an individual silicone rubber shield to save the internal hardware from any damage and how can we miss that credit card size pc compute card that intel had first unveiled at ces this year and at computex 2017.

the company officially launched this micro pc with a list of partners as intel says it will start shipping in august well embrace innovation and let technology make you s marter but not cheat you and therefore we alert all your whatsapp users to be a little aware as a new scan is doing the rounds and is tricking people into paying money scammers are trying to charge users money by faking a subscription fee people are getting a message that reads something like your subscription has expired and to verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription you just need to pay this much money by tapping on this link remember that whatsapp is a free to download and use application while its used while it used to charge a small fee earlier but thats no longer exists we suggest you not to fall for it and if you receive any such message delete it and block the sender moving on to our next story twitter has added a new feature to direct messages that will filter the messages from people you dont follow not only this you can also decide what you want to do with those messages the new feature works in a very simple way if you have turned on the setting to receive messages from people you dont follow you will still get these messages but they will show under a separate tab called request and you can then choose to either accept or delete those messages also people who are sending those messages wont be able to see if you have viewed those messages until you accept the message request the new feature is available for android ios and the web times of trouble just dont seem to be ending for microsoft after the re cent wanna cry ransomware attack that hits the windows 10 machines a new bug has been discovered and its affecting windows 8.1 as well as earlier versions of windows unlike one a crisis buff doesnt lock your system for ransom but it slows down the computer and at times just simply hangs your machine all you can do in such a case is just restart your machine microsoft has been informed of the bug and the company seems to be working on a solution well thats all we have for this edition of tech check for more updates weekly updates you can catch our weekly technology special check it out saturdays at 6:30 p.m. for more news and updates keep following we on we will see you after this very short break

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