TOP 5 Most Fastest Cars In The World​ ! Fastest Speed Ever

TOP 5 Most Fastest Cars In The World

top 10 most fastest cars in the world

When it comes to buying a car most customers dont primarily attach importance to speed because fast cars are obviously expensive. However some of them still do some research on fast cars and try to stand updated about them. In this video im gonna present you, people who dont necessarily investigate fast cars, top 10 currently the fastest cars in the World. Before we get into that, the speed unit im gonna be using is kilometers per hour but keep mind miles per hour is gonna be shown on the screen too.

5 : Bugatti Veyron

Number 5! We have another Bugatti super-car and it is the car which lost it’s ranking to SSC Ultimate Aero XT in 2007 and it’s original version lost the title of being the fastest Bugatti to it’s brother Bugatti Chiron in 2016. However this car has a version called Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which hit 431 kilometers per hour in 2010 and stands faster than both of these cars. Nevertheless it is electronically limited to 415 kilometers per hour to protect the tires from disintegrating. Production cars were limited to 30 units and the World Record Super Sport was limited to only 5 unit with a price tag of 1.7 million dollars.

04 : Hennessey Venom GT

4th fastest car is a pretty known one among car lovers because it’s manufacturer have been doing pretty well at building sport cars. The Hennessey Venom GT is a high performance sports car manufactured by Texas-based Hennessey Venom Engineering. Because of its handbuilt nature, there’s some debate about whether the Venom GT qualifies as a production car. This monster recorded a 435 kilometers per hour run at the Kennedy Space Center in 2014, but only in one direction. To be considered legitimate, record attempts usually require a run in each direction, and an average is taken to account for wind conditions. As the run was in a single direction, and only 13 cars have been sold to date, it does not qualify as the world’s fastest production car in the Guinness Book of Records. To qualify for Guinness World Records Hennessey must have build 30 units back in time. Lastly this record breaking sports car’s price is currently 1.2 million dollars.

03 : Koenigsegg Agera

We are at the top 3 and 3rd fastest car in the world is Koenigsegg Agera RS. In 2017, the Nevada Department of Transportation closed an 11-mile stretch of road just outside Las Vegas. Swedish supercar hit two different speeds, which averages out to 447 kilometers per hour. There are only 25 Agera RS models in existence, and each owner works alongside Koenigsegg to personalize every detail from color, stitching, engine power output, and car nickname. This lightweight hypercar has a carbon fiber body and costs 2,5 million dollars.


At the number 2 we have a SSC car again which is the predecessor of the number 8 SSC Ultimate Aero XT. The SSC Tuatara is an upcomig American sports car. It’s pre-production prototype was shown to world in 2011 and it is said that it is gonna be available 2019. SSC Tuatara’s top speed is 482.8 kilometers which is making it much faster than it’s opponents and just a little bit slower than the number one. However this top speed is a claimed number just like it’s rival.

01 : Hennessey Venom F5

Number 1: Hennessey Venom F5 ! Another Hennesey super-car making it up to top 5 and techniqually the fastest car in the world right now. The maximum speed of this car is a claimed number like SSC Tuatara speed. So the only question remaining is whether F5 or Tuatara will hit the 300 miles per hour milestone first which is 482.8 kilometers per hour by the way. According to the tests done by the manuacturer Hennesey this monster can hit 484.4 kilometers per hour. The F5 name is a reference to the F5 tornado which is the fastest tornado in Fujita scale, capable of upraising strong frame houses and carrying considerable distances to disintegrate. The Hennessey Venom F5 was unveiled at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 1th 2017. It is expected to be available in 2019 with 24 units and 1.6 million dollars price. To conclude Hennessey Venom F5 and SSC Tuatara have yet to confirm their top speed with the Guinness Book of World Records, so the Koenigsegg Agera RS remains the official fastest car in the world for now. And this is the full list of the cars so that you can envision it easier when you need it or.. you can simply read this article again.

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