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Java Vs Python(A complete comparison)

java vs python

Introduction: In the early years of computing, the choice of the first language for a program was often decided by the work environment. Typically information technology divisions with the specialized needs assembly language for a specific hardware system were the usual situation. Nowadays java and python have become more popular. In this article, there is … Read more

Huawei Operating System(Harmony Operating System)


Trademarks: Huawei has apparently applied for trademarks on the name of hongmeng in a variety of countries. According to a UN report, countries on the list include Canada, South Korea, New Zealand and Cambodia + 5 others. The trademark covers smartphones as well as computers, televisions for automotive use, and even robots. A trademark for … Read more

Best Web Hosting services


Ruling a best web hosting service can take a lot of time and money. To save your time, I have provided the all information about web hosting. 3 Best Hosting Services for New Websites: The 3 web hosting providers which have good and reliable speed are as follow: 1.  Bluehost – Best Overall: Bluehost web hosting … Read more