What is Spotify and Its Features: Complete Details About Spotify

Spotify App and It's Features

Hello Guys! Today here in this article. We are going to tell you detailed information about Spotify App and also its features as well. If you know about this app then it is really good but if you don’t know about this app then don’t worry because here in this article we will tell you in-depth information about this app by which you are able to get to know how this app works and also some of the best features about this app. There are lots of users who already use this app and sometimes, they said that while accessing this app, they see that their Spotify application is not responding and due to this, they are not able to use this app. If this happens to you then you can check the solution by making a click here spotify not responding by which you will get all the solutions for your issues. So, now read this article very carefully. 

What is Spotify?

spotify music streaming app
spotify music streaming app

Basically, Spotify is one of the international media services and one of the biggest audio streaming platforms where you can access lots of music, videos and also lots of several types of podcasts as well. You can access this app free of cost but while accessing this free, you will see lots of ads on this app. Also, you will see lots of automatic music video and also you will get some of the other features as well like on this app, you can listen music offline and these are completely ad free but yes for this, you are required to use its paid version. 

Features of Spotify

So, now as you go through with the basic information of the Spotify app and not you need to know the features of Spotify. With the help of knowing all its features, you are able to access this app in a fluent manner because you know each and everything about this app. So, now without wasting your time, let’s discuss the features of this app. 

  1. Share Music to Social Media

As you know that social media like Facebook is one of the biggest platforms where you can easily connect with millions of people belonging from several countries. When you connect your Facebook account with Spotify then it will gather the taste of music of your Facebook friend and start suggesting to you the music which was listened to by your friends. Also, if you are listening to any song on Spotify and want to share its details with your friends then you can do so by sharing a link on Facebook. 

  1. Discover Concert Near You

If you are following any popular singer on spotify and listen to his or her all songs than spotify helps you to get to know any nearby concert of your favorite singer by just sending you a notification so that you never miss your favorite singer’s concert. For this, you just need to open the setting of the app and then simply scroll down to the Notification and then you can easily find the Concert Notification. Also, you can easily get the notification on email and via app as well. 

  1. Save on Cellular Data

Sometimes, we see that we don’t have enough internet data left in our telecom account or sometimes we are not connected with the Wi-Fi due to any reason and want not to consume as much data for future purpose. If you are worried about your data and that’s why you are not using a Spotify app then you don’t need to worry because Spotify allows you to use the data saver option by which Spotify stops consuming as much internet data and also it will minimize the risk of buffering as well. You can use this option by just opening the setting of your app where you will find an option of “Music Quality”. Simply select any quality which helps you to save your internet data. 


So, this was small information about the Spotify app and also its features as well. If you are accessing the Spotify app then these features will definitely be helpful for you. If yes, then simply drop your comment below and let us know how helpful these features are for you.

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