Why Should I have to learn Python ? Why Python is Best For You ?

hey guys what’s up so I got a question from a new programmer he said hi Mubashir I know about programming I’m confused on all this language programs I need something easy to start to get my feet wet Python is the way to go or thanks Rob there’s some typos in everybody no no no problem there Rob so a lot of you beginners have that question okay which language do I start with I know I’ve talked about this to death like I know about that but guess what it gets clicked and no just it does get clicks but seriously it is a a valid beginner question and it’s not even just about the clicks it’s literally as a logic question it’s the same questions that I kind of pondered over for the longest time like so I will tell you that when I was first getting started like I wanted to get into programming I didn’t know if CSS was a programming language or HTML I didn’t know like so the first of all the main thing that you have to do is to get an interest in programming so for me it was it was about web development so it was simple for me there was a lot of stuff going on at the time YouTube was like a relatively new thing and then being bought by Google they were in the news you know the Facebook social network movie and everything so I understood like what a website was and that the basic foundations of a website were that you have some sort of server and then you have a language that runs on that server and you have HTML you of CSS and

 you have JavaScript that all run inside of the browser but a lot of people don’t really understand that so that is something that you have to get out of the way like so okay so if you are trying to get into programming and you’re trying to pick your first language and your goal is to do something with web development then I would say pythons are great a great choice here but before you even get into like you know server-side code or anything like that if you truly are brand new to this industry you have to understand what javascript is you have to understand what CSS is and you have to understand you know what hTML is so if I go ahead and all you need is a Chrome browser you right-click on something you say inspect and that’s going to pull up your developer console and this is actually something that web developers used and day out I don’t know anybody that doesn’t use Chrome for their development for stepping through their JavaScript and everything else these days and they make it so much easier than it used to be like I right-click and I look at this this I hover over this you can see Rob Diaz his name I’m hovered over it on the right hand side as long as long as you have the elements tab selected here on the right hand side you can see all of the CSS so I can actually click on this and I can change it any color I want oh look I just changed YouTube style how did I do that okay so I’m obviously adjusting the color what is this pound science using this you know this hexadecimal I’m not even sure what the hell that is I guess the text decimal but it’s a coloring system that browsers use do I have to know all the ins and outs of that no I don’t but I have to know that I can actually say that and this is a CSS and I could say color red and you can see it’s a much brighter red Google has this ability to click a box and give you a hexadecimal based on this like this color rainbow thing which is very impressive I’m sure other browsers have caught on but Google was the first one that I saw that was doing something like that you look at font weight what does font weight you can start exploring all this stuff so you give font weight and if I say Boulder then you can see that it’s a much bolder font type I can give text decoration what about underline so this is all CSS right so I’m doing all right so now Rob Diaz is underlined so there’s there’s all kinds of different things that you can do within the Chrome browser to learn about HTML and CSS and that is actually where you want to start assuming you want to get into web development so you want to be a program where you want to get into web development you start with that and nowadays like I said it’s so much easier than it was because you can explore around like if I were to take this this comment here and I say inspect and I look at this and you can see all the styles that are effecting in everything and a lot of the stuff may not but if I were like display:block or something and maybe give it a margin bottom margin like 50 pixels now you can see it’s pushing down 50 pixels so if I hover over you can see that that pink section there is that the margin so that gets into the whole box model thing which everybody needs to be aware of when you’re a developer you can actually see the box model here margins like the exterior then you have your border and padding is like the amount of space on the interior that could actually increase elements like the actual space elements take up so a lot there’s a lot to learn with CSS now luckily we have things like bootstrap we don’t have to do so much of this stuff but you still have to understand the basics of it as a web developer so I’m getting too much into the web development but obviously all this stuff here is actual HTML which is like the skeleton CSS is the style so if you have makeup you apply makeup to your face you can think of CSS like that and what is actually delivering the data well it’s a combination of a server-side language which could be Python like YouTube actually still makes good use of Python from what I understand and then there’s a lot of JavaScript these days so JavaScript you can actually write if I clicked on console instead of element I can actually say hello world right into the console and I can start running JavaScript I can start having var X equals 1 X plus 2 equals 3 you know say you can start doing all kinds of different coding within the browser so if you want to be a web developer all you need is Chrome it’s not learning about HTML CSS and JavaScript you master those three you can get a job anywhere because that’s something that a lot of people just fundamentally lack they don’t understand the ins and outs of it then you have things that are built on top of that that make our lives even more interesting which is things like react jus so those are JavaScript libraries that make data binding and UI and everything a lot more programming intensive so is Python a great language to learn from web development it actually is Python is an absolutely fantastic language so the the Django framework was built with Python and that actually is at one point Pinterest was using it they ended up outgrowing in kind of wrote their own but reddit.com uses Python Instagram uses Python YouTube uses Python so Python is great for a server-side stack and it really boils down in my opinion there’s Django the Django web framework which is a really popular option and this is what like I said I Instagram Pinterest we’re using at one point Instagram still does I believe and then you have flask which is a much more smaller less of less intensive framework however it doesn’t do as much as Django so a lot of the times when you’re a beginner you need this thing to hold your hand and do as much as as much for you as possible you need the largest community that has the most questions asked on Stack Overflow because you’re most likely going to have those same same questions that as you go along on this this building process here so yeah Python is great for a first language it really is because Python isn’t just limited to the web you can do things with Python like basic gaming you can build software applications that have to be installed there’s things like PI QT or PI exe which like I said if you want to build distributable software if you want to do web development and Python you can do that if you want to do like robotics like iRobot uses Python the Raspberry Pi has Python installed on it by default so you want to start getting into like like embedded systems type type things like Python does that very well so like with raspberry pi you can get certain things that have Wi-Fi and HDMI and like and even like I said I was thinking about building my own telescope mount with the using like Python to download astronomical data to try to just like automatically rotate my my Dobsonian telescope to wherever it is you know like it with it with a go to because those mounts can be like three or four thousand but I was thinking you know if I buy some you know some basic assembly could I build my own robot with something like the Raspberry Pi for like a fraction of the price and how if I did it that good I couldn’t even maybe distributed or distributed so I can say proper English so but that’s my thoughts man like that is uh that is there’s a lot that goes into ok I want to be a programmer what do I start but assuming you want to be in web development that’s where it’s at man but if you want to be in game development like I would suggest like c-sharp over C C++ probably even though there’s still more opportunity for c-plus plus and the current market because there’s still so much code that gaming engines and things use but c-sharp is I would think a much more pleasurable language to work with if you’re gonna get into something like gaming now if you’re in the java or android development that you’re going to want to do java if you’re going to be doing any sort of apple systems you want to focus on swift or objective-c but starting out man I would probably think you probably want to get a job in the industry and most likely that’s that’s web and start with HTML CSS and JavaScript and the web side of things and then move on to something else all right guys make sure you check out my sponsor I have two sponsors now so they’re paying the bills for me which is nice we have dev Mountain coding boot camp they are at 12 and 16 week intensive course that focuses on technology to here now it’s an on site location so they’re not teaching you online they’re out you’re actually going to work with real developers people have been in the field I’ve worked with people that actually have graduated from boot camps and also have taught at boot camps but they do things like they’re going to be working on git and github and so you can deal with version control systems and understand how all that stuff works in addition we have site one through three so if you’re trying to build your portfolio or get your name out there as a developer as a blogger heck even if you want to build a website for your mom’s friend who owns a restaurant and you want to show their a menu or something like that on online and maybe even charge them a little bit of money for it then so I want you three can help you get something up and running quickly if you don’t want to deal with shared hosts or dedicated servers virtual private hosts all the work that ends up coming along with that you can also check them out the description tab below has links for both of these companies if you guys are interested in that and thank you for watching my channel you guys take care and please subscribe bye

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